Partners International Incorporated Philippines PARTNERS: Policy Advocacy, Research Training and Network Resources
Partners International Incorporated Philippines

PARTNERS International is a social development consultancy group that aims to build and enhance the capacities of government, civil society and the private sector to integrate gender-responsive and sustainable development frameworksReplica Rolex Watches in their policies, programs and services.� It provides support� to urban and rural clientele,� both in local and global settings. It works with government institutions, international agencies, development organizations, business organizations and civil society groups.

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PARTNERS International pursues the following core values in its service areas:� gender equality, good governance and leadership, people's participation and empowerment, ecological sustainability, and respect for indigenous knowledge and technology.�

Organized in November 2000,Replica Handbags PARTNERS International Incorporated pools together the multi-disciplinal expertise and broad range of experience of each founding members,� associate consultants and executive officers.

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